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Enjoy the Power of Technology is our motto!

We strive to fully understand your needs so that we can design a customized solution that achieves your goals.  In our many years of experience, we have learned that the best way to ensure each customer’s goals are met is by the fundamental steps of identifying the problems, solving them, and then supporting the solution.  Nothing less will do.

While those steps are the foundation of our partnerships, they go hand-in-hand with our core values of: customer service, expertise, integrity, quality, and team work.

Audio & Video

We understand that you need more than the best audiovisual technology. You need a partner who will ensure your solution works as reliably and intuitively as promised, and to provide the support you need going forward. 


We provide home & commercial audio/video solutions from leading industry manufacturers including:  

Home Automation may sound futuristic (and maybe even a little daunting). But don’t let that stop you from embracing it. Enjoy the convenience of turning your house into a smart home with the ability to manage automated devices from anywhere with just one app on your smartphone or tablet. From door locks, to lighting and more -- The TechZone has the products to give you control of your home from anywhere, at any time. Contact us for more information!

Some of our solution providers include:

Home Automation


In conjunction with your service provider we offer a range of wired or wireless connectivity solutions. Whether you need to connect users to your office network, access the internet or connect remote offices or buildings, we have a connectivity solutions to meet your needs and budget.


Some of our solution providers include:

Digital Signage

Considering digital signage solutions for your business, but don’t know where to start? Digital signage can be used indoor and outdoor for events, in corporate offices, manufacturing warehouses, healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail, hotels and campuses. It can be used for wayfinding, décor, branding, compliance and education. Wherever you want to reach your audience, digital signage can be used to make an impact on people where they shop, meet, visit, travel, work and learn.


Specifically, our TechZone team has expertise in the following areas:


  • Preparation and concept proofing

  • Content strategy and creative services

  • Hardware procurement & installation

  • Deployment preparation and planning

  • Signage network management



Quality physical security equipment is essential for every home, school or business. Your physical security equipment must not only provide the highest level of protection for your assets, it must do so every day without fail. Tech Zone partners with the best vendors to ensure what you want secured stays secure.


Some of our solution providers include:


Commercial Projects

You have the project planned but only need skilled labor.  Let us help with our Project Partner Program! 

Our team has the skills and ability to step into the project as needed.  We know about budgets and time frames.  Every successful project has them.

  • Structured Cabling

  • Pulling Fiber - Fiber Termination

  • Access Points

  • Network Switches & Racks

  • Access Control

  • Cameras

  • A/V

  • Sound Equipment

  • PA Systems

  • Insured

Call to discuss your project we love to talk Tech! "It's in our name"

Partner Program

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