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We started in 2000 with 700 sq. ft. of showroom space filled with small electronics, parts and pieces. Some of which also included cellphone service and computers, and with all of that we began our journey in to the tech world. Phones were small and computers were big and questions were aplenty. Dial-up internet was thought to be amazing and email jokes were the norm.


Now basic DSL internet speeds frustrate us and we‘re trading our cable TV for streaming over the internet. Computers are now small and cellphones are bigger and not far out of our reach. We are in a connected world today and shopping online is popular as it gives us the ability to shop anytime and anywhere with no rush to get to the store before closing.


We saw a change of trends that the need to be connected was starting to take forefront with our customer’s.  The request for service and support of network devices, security cameras, alarm systems and smart home technology is the core of our daily operation now at Tech Zone – Central IA Systems.  From consumer to commercial, copper wire or fiber optics, we are constantly connecting, protecting and communicating technology.


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